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Drawing, writing, design, lettering, custom typefaces, and experiments with all of these. Telling different kinds of stories, or telling old stories in new ways.

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The Sumo Family

THE SUMO FAMILY as they appeared in the Independent on Sunday newspaper, circa 1990.The lettering took almost as long as the drawing.

THE SUMO FAMILY was a “what if” kind of idea. Sumo wrestlers are very solemn despite the cartooniness of what they do. How far could you go if you did all the jokes? My Flintstones-inspired riff was introduced in Escape magazine, turned into a Sunday strip that ran in a national newspaper for a couple of months and then in a magazine for two years. 
Sumos usually marry teeny-weeny ladies but I liked the visual of a whole family of big wrestlers. It probably would have worked just as well if Mrs Sumo was tiny. Maybe even better.  

THE SUMO FAMILY as they later appeared in MANGA MANIA magazine, 1993ish (hand lettering replaced by PHOENIX CHUNKY typeface)