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Drawing, writing, design, lettering, custom typefaces, and experiments with all of these. Telling different kinds of stories, or telling old stories in new ways.

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Donny Digits &c.

DONNY DIGITS is for younger readers. It’s about twin brothers. One of them is a fearless action hero who can fix anything (Donny) and the other is a menace who breaks everything (Dylan). Nobody knows about Donny’s terrible twin. But how long can he keep this a secret?

DONNY DIGITS: some pages from the 
weekly newspaper strip for The Guardian, 2008

DONNY DIGITS was designed for the Guardian newspaper as double-page spreads to take advantage of the centre pages it was printed on. Now there is a 64-page book collecting those strips, plus an all-new story with more distinctively dynamic and downright daft Donny and Dylan deeds. Fewer double page spreads, though. They don’t work so well with softcover binding :(

Donny Digits: Heroes, Heists and Hot Dogs is published  by Bog Eyed Books.

COUNT MILKULA is written by Robin Price, author of Spartapuss. It’s about a boy called Lemmy, who loses his bedroom to his new baby brother. So, he turns to Gran for comfort and a bedtime story. She tells the tale of Count Milkula, a selfish, noisy, milk-crazed creature from the monotonous mountains of Mamsylvania. He’s pretty scary but he does have one major weakness...

"There is something for both adults and children. There are lots of adult-focused references for the adult reader to enjoy. Phoenix’s bright wacky cartoon-like illustrations match the very wacky story of the milk-crazed, sucking Count."
– Carolyn Boyd, School Librarian Journal

Count Milkula is published by Mogzilla. 
You can download a 12-page extract of the book from Mogzilla’s website here.

You can see my illustrations in two children’s chapter books IS THAT YOUR DOG and BAZ THE BIZ, both written by Steve May, published by Mammoth/Epix.

IS THAT YOUR DOG is about a boy who really wants a pet of his own, but his parents won't let him have one. So he goes to great lengths to bond with other people's dogs instead. Steve’s a great writer. It's a lovely story.

BAZ THE BIZ  is about a kid who buys a very strange musical instrument in a junk shop. He has never seen a  “Ziolin" before. He doesn’t know how to play it until the instrument speaks to him! And now he has to help Zelma the Ziolin get back to her own planet...

This is an A3 three-colour risograph print, from my ‘Horse of a Different Colour’ series which appeared in the DFC weekly. You can buy one if you like!

I had other priorities for a few years, but more children’s books are on the way.